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Knight of the Wastes
Level: 17.0


I was born in Shadey Sands in 2240, and I was passed around some orphanages before being found by Mr. Yee.  Despite the recent loss of his wife, and his two sons going missing,  he brought me to Junktown, raised me and taught me how to be a kind person.  He gave me peace by teaching me how to meditate with some Buddishm, which I ended up partially adopting.  I became ridiculously strong tilling his garden and working around town, I was never very bright but I always had a huge heart.  Then when I was an adult, I left home to make a life of my own with his values instilled in me.  I travelled up the coast, scavenging, trying to make friends, and fighting raiders.  For decades I wandered, learning more about people and the wasteland.  I always kept my big heart and I want nothing more than to have everyone around me be happy.  I made my first real friends when I started working with the Shi, and I fought with them at Alcatraz.  But it came at a heavy price, I killed one of my comrades in arms.  I think I was forced to, but to me it dosen't really matter.  I blame myself, and I have to do whatever it takes to make up for it.

Creat per Nicholas el fa 1 any. Última modificació per Jacob el fa 1 any

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