Taulell de Wildemount

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Spanning the length of Wildemount's southwest coastline along the Lucidian Ocean, the Menagerie Coast is a lush, rain-swept, tropical region filled with scattered forests and jungles, rocky seaside cliffs and beaches, overgrown islands, and bustling trade routes that traverse the perilous seas. The coast is ruled by a nation comprised of seven city-states whose cultural and political leaders have united to form the Clovis Concord. This land is known far and wide as a place for lively trade, vibrant art, performance, and excellent food—as well as the indulgence of vice, piracy, and illicit business.

The major cities that comprise the Menagerie Coast are Port Damali, Feolinn, Othe, Nicodranas, Gwardan, Port Zoon, and Tussoa. Beyond the coastal cities, the Swavain Islands are scattered across the Lucidian Ocean, bearing shipping posts, dangerous reefs, and ancient secrets hidden in the bellies of hungry jungles. The pirates of the Revelry stalk the oceanic trade lanes, hassling merchants, marines, and adventurers alike.

Population: 82,110 (51% humans, 16% halflings, 15% elves, 18% other races)

Government: The city is helmed by Marquis Olesya Lapidus, who works with local guildmasters and nobles, bolstered by the distant support of the other Clovis Concord members.

Defense: Port Damali maintains a sizable army alongside the many Zhelezo who guard the city. Nobles and wealthy merchants keep bodyguards.

Commerce: Nearly any sort of goods or services can be found here, legal and otherwise. The high volume of travelers means that there are plentiful inns, taverns, underground markets, and rare auctions.

Organizations: Temples to the Prime Deities are common, and some notable shrines to the Betrayer Gods are secreted away within this large city. The numerous merchant guilds run most businesses, but the Myriad is the real power behind the guilds themselves.

The jewel of the Menagerie Coast, the original Marquesian colony, and the unofficial capital of free trade outside the empire, Port Damali is a bustling city filled with music, color, and commerce. The massive port hosts ships from all around the world, creating a mishmash of cultures and trades that mingle to form the society of Port Damali. Trade routes splinter from all other sides of the city to ensure rapid transport of goods to destinations throughout Wildemount and beyond.

The city's architecture is varied and inconsistent; the inner wards display their own historical roots or lavish opulence, while the outer wards attempt to combat the slum-like atmosphere with cheap, colorful banners and street buskers. The city has a roiling underbelly of crime, murder, and corruption that many say is regrettable but necessary for the city to function.

Guided through the Darker Waters

The waters along the Menagerie Coast are rampant with piracy and roving ocean creatures, threatening trade and travel routes throughout the region. The concord has established a formal navy of nearly four hundred warships to maintain the sanctity of the surrounding ocean. These ships are scattered along the coast, with many stationed in Port Zoon or situated in the waters south of Nicodranas to prevent the current war from bleeding into concord territory, but a quarter of the entire navy is maintained within and around Port Damali.

To the Highest Bidder

A popular destination within Port Damali for wealthy merchants, nobles, and collectors from all across Exandria is the Exalted Collection Auction House within the Gilded Esplanade. Run by the esteemed Lord Gabriel Rymmer of the influential Rymmer family, this grandiose, if gaudy, establishment has all manner of rare items, collectibles, and historical artifacts brought from around Exandria to be sold to whomever offers the most gold, with a small portion of the sale filling the family's coffers. Socialites, nobility, celebrities, and the fabulously wealthy of Exandria travel here from all over the world, forging bonds of rivalry with each purchase. When particularly powerful relics find their way to the auction house, it's rumored that beings from the Outer Planes will masquerade as merchants to snatch up such prizes.

A Steamy Shift

Until recently, many of the businesses in Port Damali were heated and powered by a system of steam-powered engines, which were installed beneath the city's streets. Unknown to most citizens, a marid had been shackled within the sewers to power the steam engines for decades. Recently, another marid in Nicodranas was freed from a similar situation, inspiring an anonymous adventurer to free the marid in Port Damali from its shackles, leaving the engines inert and many businesses without power. A large group of hired druids and mages are maintaining what functionality they can, but Marquis Olesya Lapidus is desperately looking for an alternative energy source or a replacement for the steam engines.

Port of Sky and Sea

Port Damali is the central city for most seafaring business and shipping throughout the Lucidian Ocean and a popular destination for those with gold, but it is also the only city in Wildemount with a skyport. While the empire refuses to establish a skyport within Rexxentrum, in what many believe to be a symbol of their dedication to their isolation, Port Damali occasionally receives skyships from Tal'Dorei or Marquet, drawing crowds that rush to see the majestic display.


The laws of the Clovis Concord are enforced with varying stringency within each city. Nowhere is this more true than in Port Damali, where the law can be bought like any other commodity. Anything can be purchased here, even the ear of Marquis Olesya Lapidus, the celebrated leader of Port Damali.

The Lapidus family rose to prominence over a century ago, when they shifted from employing merchants to deploying mercenaries. In time, anyone who sought safety on the waves turned to Lapidus family privateers. As the fifth in her family to lead Port Damali, Marquis Olesya steadfastly collaborates with the other leaders of the Menagerie Coast to keep the concord an independent nation, free from imperial control.

However, Marquis Lapidus faces threats on all sides. When she was distracted by the rise of the Revelry, the long-dormant Myriad swooped in and conscripted many of the guilds she was supposed to oversee. Now she struggles to excise the Myriad claws embedded within the belly of her city.


Port Damali has been a pivotal nexus of Myriad activity for some time, and nearly all elements of major commerce within the city are tied to the crime syndicate in some way. Many of the powerful merchants and company owners are either part of the Myriad or are indentured to it. As such, the city is the beating heart of Exandria's slave trade, with slavers passing through often to discreetly move their bounty.

Those who fail the Myriad are shackled and shipped off as living contraband. Myriad operatives are plentiful within the law enforcement of Port Damali, so most illegal activity is covered up or allowed to slide, unless such crime interferes with Myriad interests.


The largest city on the western coast of Wildemount, the resplendent seaside metropolis of Port Damali is nestled against the Tyodan River where it meets the Lucidian Ocean. The city is built atop a cluster of leveled hills, and slight changes of elevation physically mark the variation between wards. Past the farmsteads, beyond the tents and ramshackle homes that mark the boundaries of the city, lies the Prism Path, a series of connecting main roads made of smooth, multicolored stones reclaimed from the ocean shores. These roads carve through the interior wards: the Tumbledowns, the Beaded Alley, the Crescents, the Gilded Esplanade, and the Larboard Light.

The Beaded Alley is also home to an archive of the cobalt soul and is located a main intersection stretching out to the next interchange and blends into the space as if it were a long museum with trees and colorful streamers and dangling assortments.

The large multi-story building has a grand entry way that leads into a circular foyer with high domed ceiling. The room's mosaic tile floor depicts the symbol of the Cobalt Soul. In the center of the room sits a crescent shaped desk with two scholars sitting at it writing in ledgers. A number of closed doors line the back side of the room.

Entrance to the library requires an escort to a designated part of the library by an archivist.

Going through a door takes them to a different part of the library. The furthest two doors (on left and right) lead to stairways that go up to the other floors (3 in total) where rows and rows of tall bookshelves can be found all packed with books and scrolls. Along the walls periodically are small offices that belong to the many archivist and monks in the library. To the far back of the library on the first floor is the office of the high curator.

The library contains a sub-level that is off-limits to anyone not part of the Cobalt Soul without proper authority granted by the high curator. This level houses the various teleportation circles, practice areas, and rooms for the monks and members of the Cobalt Soul.

High Curator Azariah Keycaryn

Archivist who work under Head Archivist Faint Night (Night)

  • Archivist Nym Perydark (male human in his 60's with greying hair, combed over, slicked to one side covering what looks to be a bald spot.  Tan skinned, and sharp piercing blue eyes)
  • Archivist Maegwen Solvalan (non-binary elf, platinum blond hair is cut short in a top knot with the sides of her head buzzed short. Her pale skin contrasts with the dark tattoos that appear to creep out along her neck and arms from under her cobolt robes)
  • Archivist Baldo Dane